Baby I’m missing you

Soooo much emotion and dramatization so early in the morning…

My dad blames me that he doesn’t have this amount of money in his bank account. Um, is it my fault that you can’t hold down a job? Psh, excuse me. Take care of your pride and get a job before you talk to me. My mom pays for virtually everything in my life.

Is it just me or is it weird that two people that once knew everything about each other are now strangers? I used to know where you were and what you were doing and how you were, and now i know nothing..

Gosh I just miss you so much. He was just covering you up, I’ve always wanted you. I wanted you, but he was the one that was there.

Realize who youre surrounding yourself with; friends or enemies?

we all just try to hard to impress people we dont like

I hate when people say im such an immature person. Bitch just because I dont take everything as seriously as you does not mean that im not mature. Being happy and choosing to have fun is not childish, its humanistic. Besides the fact, we’re only 18, not even a third into the average length of a human life, you cant expect us to take life so seriously. I believe maturity has a lot to do with recognizing your values and beliefs and acting on those things, staying strong in them rather than succumbing to others and having them determine your identity. I am immature and mature in different aspects and thats all you can expect of me.

I seriously hate it when people are cliquey, like you cant hang out with other people, like the idea of it just agitates you. I understand that notion of having close friends, but if you cannot bear to hang out with other people, and just so cliquey that people describe you as a unit. Its like all of you are conjoined at the hip and thats irritating. Expand your horizons, be your own person, be an individual willing to have your own opinion on controversial issues, BE YOUR OWN SUPPORT. I think teenagers these days are so spoiled with this cliquey behavior that it becomes a shock when youre left to have your own opinions and to stand your own ground with no one to back you up. Its such childish behavior to be honest.