We grow in our struggle.


the person you want the most probably doesn’t even deserve you

It’s really a sad time for me right now.

You are a poison.

You chose me out of the crowd to seep your corruption into. You chose me out of the crowd to isolate and leave so that I am alone in the dark. You caused me to be a shell of who I am, and to question my own worth. But even through my lowly self worth, you are even lower. 

You take pride in the material things, in popularity, in how many people like you and how many girls can suck your dick. You don’t care about the things that actually matter, in movements, in changing the world, in working towards success. Don’t think that I dont know that you picked me due to my “popularity” then, and don’t think I dont know that you dropped me because I wasn’t as “popular” anymore, because you don’t understand that I chose to gratify myself now rather than those who are temporary. Popularity is a word used by children and treasured by children, which you are. You are selfish and low. Being in your space is only to bring me down to your level, your level of immaturity, of close mindedness, of judgement, of not knowing how to make your own decisions, and of not  knowing on how to be independent

You really don’t know how to expand your mind to anything other than yourself you self absorbed boy. Nothing but a boy, and I am just so done trying to help you out of the hole you dug yourself because while I’m trying to pull you up, you pull me down in your place. And I will not rest here.

Part of the reason why we keep our mistakes secret is to not only prevent others from knowing, but to separate ourselves from that shameful side of ourselves too.